Metaverse IRL: Grappling With Biometric Data and Privacy Notices in VR Headsets

A new transformational moment, even era, has arrived: a tide of investment has opened the metaverse for business just when new privacy laws are launching. These laws, which obligate companies to give clear notice and obtain consent regarding sensitive data use, dovetail with the exponential increase in biometric information that companies can process from virtual reality wearable gear. This article, the second in a three-part series, presents insights from privacy experts about practices in today’s metaverse to satisfy biometrics and consent laws. Part one presented four practical focal areas for companies’ privacy efforts as they enter the metaverse construction zone. Part three will identify overlooked privacy issues with the metaverse’s reliance on digital wallets and sales of non-fungible tokens. See “Designing a Privacy Center to Build Trust and Facilitate Business Growth” (Jul. 27, 2022).

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