May 12, 2021

Cybersecurity in a 5G World: Vulnerabilities and Challenges

While 5G is transformative with its high speeds and connection capabilities, it can also open doors to new vulnerabilities. In this new landscape, organizations must redefine their cyber strategy planning to ensure that they can benefit from the potential that 5G offers while protecting themselves from future attacks. This first article in a two-part series on the implications of 5G discusses the vulnerabilities and cybersecurity challenges 5G brings to the table. Part two will discuss security by design and how companies can revise their cyber strategies to meet the challenges of 5G. See “How to Address Intensifying Enterprise IoT Security Risks” (Oct. 14, 2020). 

How Law Firms Can Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Ransomware Attacks

Sophisticated cyberattacks target law firms and courts seeking their troves of valuable information about powerful entities. Researchers have identified files from 17 law firms available on the dark web, and ransom demands for law firms have reached as high as $42 million. Ransomware also has crippled law practice management software and blocked lawyers from accessing case files. Panelists at recent American Bar Association and U.S. Chamber of Commerce presentations, who also spoke separately to the Cybersecurity Law Report, discussed key ransomware developments of the past year for all enterprises, provided steps to prevent attacks and addressed ransomware’s distinct challenges for attorneys and law firms. See “Steps to Take After OFAC and FinCEN’s Warnings on Ransomware Payoffs” (Oct. 21, 2020).

How Three Companies Embarked on AI Compliance Journeys

Even those fortunate to understand how to make compliance tools using artificial intelligence (AI) still find the process intimidating. Every company’s needs are different and building an AI solution will likely involve roadblocks, challenges, trial and error. While researching our series on AI solutions for compliance, we spoke with experts at AB InBev, Microsoft and Google about how their companies approached building tools using machine learning. Here, we walk through the individualized process for each company and offer practical advice for getting a project off the ground. See our three-part series on AI for compliance: “Foundations” (Nov. 11, 2020); “Building a Model” (Dec. 16, 2020); and Five Workarounds for Asymmetric Data Sets (Mar. 10, 2021).

Former NSA Attorney Joins Freshfields’ Cyber Practice

Freshfields has announced its hire of technology, data and cyber attorney Brock Dahl as a counsel in Washington, D.C., and Silicon Valley. He joins from the NSA, where he most recently served as Deputy General Counsel, Operations. For insight from Freshfields, see “Six Compliance Lessons From NYDFS’ First Cybersecurity Regulation Enforcement Action” (Aug. 12, 2020).