The Intelligent Workplace in the Age of a Pandemic: Six Privacy and Security Safeguards

Biometric and AI solutions, like thermal imaging and contact tracing, figure prominently among the tools organizations are leveraging during the COVID-19 pandemic. While these are helpful resources, employers need to ensure they have the proper privacy and security safeguards in place before implementing them. In this second installment of a two-part article series on managing the intelligent workplace, senior privacy officers at Microsoft, Johnson Controls, Willis Towers Watson and Salesforce offer insight on biometric and AI best practices, such as choosing the right vendor, ensuring transparency, and implementing privacy by design. Part one examined the challenges inherent in the various AI and biometric solutions companies are using and the laws that govern that use. See our three-part series on the rise of facial recognition technology: “Uses and Risks” (Jan. 22, 2020); “Mapping the Legal Framework” (Jan. 29, 2020) and “Mitigating Risk” (Feb. 5, 2020).

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