How to Facilitate a Safe and Privacy Compliant Return to Work: Policies and Protocols

Balancing health and safety concerns with privacy and other legal considerations when bringing the workforce back into an office space can be overwhelming. This second installment of our three-part article series on how to facilitate a safe and privacy compliant return to work provides practical advice from Mastercard, Johnson Controls and outside privacy counsel on developing policies and protocols, including six considerations for operationalizing an infection response plan and a real-life example of what one company is already doing. Part one examined the relevant laws and guidance, as well as how to balance competing interests of safety and privacy, and what to expect from U.S. regulators. Part three will focus on how to ensure the plan works and address contact tracing, including considerations for deciding if, and in what form, it is appropriate for your company. See “The Pandemic Effect: How Compliance and Enforcement Are Evolving” (Apr. 29, 2020).

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