Companywide Work From Home: Six Cybersecurity Considerations

With the novel coronavirus 19 pandemic shifting employees who normally work in an office to remote working, cybersecurity threats – already a significant issue for remote employees – have intensified. Hackers are taking advantage of the thirst for information about the virus, as well as the increased threat surface in the home environment. During a recent webinar hosted by the Cybersecurity Law Report, Dr. Christopher Pierson, CEO and founder of BlackCloak, and former CISO, CPO and GC of various companies, discussed new and existing cyber threats, and measures that CISOs and CPOs should be implementing to mitigate them. We summarize the discussion in this article, and the complimentary recording is here. See “Fixing the Chinks in Companies’ Cyber Armor: Executives” (Feb. 20, 2019).

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