Fixing the Chinks in Companies’ Cyber Armor: Executives

When key executives use work devices, they are protected from cyber attacks by their companies’ cybersecurity teams. Attackers have found, however, that when these executives are off the network in their homes or on personal devices, many lack even the most basic controls and protections. Why penetrate a $10-million system of firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, privileged access management systems and behavior-based anti-malware controls when you can target a $100 home router or computer with no security enabled? In this guest article, BlackCloak founder and CEO Dr. Chris Pierson explains how the home is the next battlefield in the war on financial institutions, defense companies, family offices, hedge funds and other centers of wealth and influence. He explores the cyber-crime landscape, how hackers can infiltrate the company through executives and suggests controls to mitigate these risks. See also “Key Cyber Threats and Targets for 2019” (Jan. 16, 2019).

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