Report Weighs In on Understanding and Mitigating Rising Data Breach Costs

The cost of a data breach has continued to rise, the time from breach to containment has lengthened, and organizations today are 31% more likely to experience a breach within two years than they were in 2014, according to the 14th annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, sponsored by IBM Security and independently conducted by the Ponemon Institute. For the first time, the Report also explored how the cost of a breach played out over time, finding that companies continue to incur costs even two years after the incident. On the bright side, the Report also found that certain factors significantly mitigated data breach costs. We examine these and other key findings from the Report with insight, including advice on keeping breach costs down, from Ponemon’s chairman and IBM Security’s content marketing manager. See also “Ponemon Report Cites Third-Party Risk Management Shortfalls and Offers Best Practices” (Dec. 19, 2018).

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