How to Effectively Find, Compensate and Structure Cybersecurity Leadership (Part One of Two)

Managing the challenge of securing a company’s digital information while collaborating with other executive leadership is something that only a select group of individuals can do well. In this article series, the Cybersecurity Law Report spoke to CISOs, executive search experts and attorneys to examine what it takes to fulfill both of these crucial roles. This first article discusses the challenges of merging technology expertise with executive function, compensation expectations for cyber leaders, what companies should be (and are) looking for in candidates and the value of certifications. The second article will discuss the changing role of the CISO, including why many current reporting structures are not working, and what companies can do if they do not have the resources for or cannot find the right CISO. “Many organizations regard CISO and technology-risk executive recruitment as an increasingly daunting and complex process, and recognize that one size does not fit all,” Tracy Lenzner, founder and CEO of The Lenzner Group, a global executive search company, said. See “Establishing Strong Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Leadership: The Roles of the Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer (Part One of Two),” (May 6, 2015); Part Two (May 20, 2015).

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