What the Financial Sector Should Know to Recognize and Combat Cyber Threats (Part Two of Two)

Financial Trojans are a widespread threat faced by the financial industry, and the U.S. is among the top five countries with the greatest number of detections, according to Symantec’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR). In a recent webinar, Symantec’s technical and threat experts provided insight on the key findings of the ISTR, with a focus on the latest and growing threats to the financial sector, noting that attackers will increasingly target large organizations and financial institutions. This second part of our two-part article series covering the ISTR and Symantec’s webinar details common sources of financial Trojans, looks at potential future attack targets and trends, and provides best practices for avoiding and mitigating these attacks. Part one summarized the threat landscape and the speakers’ insights on what common attacks look like, new threat actors and tools, and how to recognize them. See also “How Financial Service Providers Can Address Common Cybersecurity Threats” (Mar. 16, 2016).

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