Unlocking Encryption: A CISO’s Perspective on Encryption As Only One Strategy (Part Two of Three)

As security leaders, CISOs are tasked with prioritizing what controls to implement while navigating the challenge of directing funds, time and personnel to best protect data in a number of different contexts. While encryption is a powerful and valuable method used to protect PII and other data, it should only be viewed as one of many available strategies, Omar Khawaja, VP and CISO for Highmark Health, told the Cybersecurity Law Report. He explained how best to use encryption and how in certain contexts other tools may be more effective. For another perspective, see “Unlocking Encryption: A Consultant’s View on Navigating Encryption Options and Persuading Reluctant Organizations (Part One of Three)” (Aug. 9, 2017); and “Unlocking Encryption: An Attorney Weighs in on Balancing Security and Practicality (Part Three of Three)” (Sep. 13, 2017). 

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