Benchmarking Employee Monitoring Policies for Practical Approaches

Keeping current with evolving multi-jurisdictional legal requirements, technological advances and best practices in the employee-monitoring realm can seem like a constant scurry. It's not long after one policy is finalized and promulgated and its attendant training developed and administered that something often happens to raise doubts. It can help to know what some competitors are doing, what their experiences have been and the reasoning behind what they do. Panelists at a recent cyberSecure conference discussed how to keep employee monitoring policies up-to-date. In this article, we cover the key takeaways from the panel, including regulatory realities, employee pushback and cultural inhibitors that prevent maximum monitoring, as well as examples of where circumventing an on-the-job virtual Big Brother is desired and doable. See also “Effective and Compliant Employee Monitoring (Part One of Two)” (Apr. 5, 2017); Part Two (Apr. 19, 2017).

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