When and How Legal and Information Security Should Engage on Cyber Strategy: It Starts With Governance (Part One of Three)

Effective protection of key data requires a healthy relationship and frequent interaction between the legal and security functions. As regulators increasingly blend privacy and security subject matter, privacy officers and CISOs need to work together to stay compliant. This three-part series addresses when and how legal and security professionals should be communicating to build strong working relationships for a robust cybersecurity and data privacy program. Part one covers how to structure corporate governance for optimal collaboration between these two groups. Part two will look at how both teams can come together to assess risk and privacy impact. Part three will tackle coordination between legal and security on vendor assessments and in the M&A context. See “How Cyber Stakeholders Can Speak the Same Language (Part One of Two),” (Jul. 20, 2016); Part Two (Aug. 3, 2016).

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