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  • From Vol. 3 No.4 (Feb. 22, 2017)

    A CSO/GC Advises on How and When to Present Cybersecurity to the Board 

    As more boards come to understand cybersecurity as a critical issue that cannot be ignored, briefings on the topic have become more common. Those with the responsibility for presenting such briefings must understand what information is essential for the board to know and how to communicate it effectively. Dr. Chris Pierson, EVP, chief security officer and general counsel for Viewpost, a FinTech payments company, and the former CPO, SVP for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s U.S. banking operations, spoke to The Cybersecurity Law Report about his experiences briefing the board on cybersecurity and shared his insights on the most effective reporting structure, how to obtain buy-in and budget and the importance of communicating business advantage. See also “How In-House Counsel, Management and the Board Can Collaborate to Manage Cyber Risks and Liability (Part One of Two)” (Jan. 20, 2016); Part Two (Feb. 3, 2016).

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  • From Vol. 1 No.10 (Aug. 12, 2015)

    Surveys Find Internal and Third-Party Cybersecurity Risks Among Top Executive Concerns

    Corporate executives, even those with great defense resources, consider cybersecurity one of the most worrisome issues they confront.  In this article, experts from Deloitte, Protiviti and the Santa Fe Group dissect the results of two recent studies.  Greg Dickinson, a director at Deloitte who leads the quarterly survey “CFO Signals: What North America’s top finance executives are thinking – and doing,” explained how and why many CFOs are feeling unprepared for cybersecurity threats.  In addition, while discussing the “2015 Vendor Risk Management Benchmark Study: The Shared Assessments Program and Protiviti Examine the Maturity of Vendor Risk Management” Rocco Grillo, cybersecurity managing director at Protiviti, and Gary Roboff, senior advisor to the Santa Fe Group and manager of its Shared Assessments Program, explain how the finance industry outperforms others in third-party risk management and stress the importance of risk committees and data mapping.  See also “Ponemon Study Finds Increasing Data Breach Costs and Analyzes Causes,” The Cybersecurity Law Report, Vol. 1, No. 5 (Jun. 3, 2015).

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