eDiscovery in Multi-Jurisdictional Investigations: Preparing to Play Multi-Level Chess

In recent years, there have been two converging trends in multi-jurisdictional corporate investigations: a greater willingness of enforcement authorities from multiple jurisdictions to coordinate enforcement and a significant increase in their willingness to use eDiscovery to assist in investigations. Combined, these two trends have made multinational internal corporate investigations similar to playing a multi-level game of chess – one wrong move can have serious consequences in multiple jurisdictions. In a guest article, Ben Barnett, Karen Coppens, Richard Hodge and Garbis Latifyan of Dechert lay out the key steps in the process and then identify six pitfalls to avoid when undertaking an integrated review plan for data in multiple jurisdictions. See “Advice on Incorporating Cybersecurity in eDiscovery” (May 31, 2017). 

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