How to Address Intensifying Enterprise IoT Security Risks

Companies face an array of risks from unmanaged, connected devices like printers, security cameras, conference room tablets and remote property sensors, which have grown to comprise 30 percent of businesses’ network endpoints. The combination of inherent device vulnerabilities, organizational shortcomings and the absence of regulatory pressure poses an historic security challenge. In this article, we discuss IoT threats and security obstacles, as well as tips for companies to pursue increased auditing and monitoring to combat the problem, with cybersecurity leaders from Check Point Software Technologies, the Institute of Internal Auditors, Omdia and Palo Alto Networks. See our two-part series on NIST’s new IOT standard: “Boosting Security As States Launch Laws” (Mar. 4, 2020); and “Inspiring a Wave of New Device Security Guidance” (Mar. 11, 2020).

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