Not Just TikTok: How Companies Can Mitigate Risk of Employee Social Media Use

Some describe TikTok as an amazing outlet for young people to share videos, and others say it is the worst threat to American national security we have ever seen. Wells Fargo has instructed employees to delete TikTok from company-owned devices, but is that a necessary step for all companies to take if they want to protect sensitive business and personal information? We spoke to Theresa Payton, former White House Chief Information Officer and CEO of cybersecurity consultancy Fortalice Solutions, who shared her insights on the challenges and threats companies are facing in connection with social media use on corporate-connected devices, which social media platforms are most concerning and steps companies can take to mitigate risks of employee social media use. See “Twenty Steps Toward Achieving an Effective Social Media Policy” (Sep. 5, 2018).

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