Did Adtech Fix Its CCPA Problem? IAB’s GC Discusses New Contract for Data Sales

The CCPA’s provision for a consumer opt-out from the sale of personal data threatened to upend the $120‑billion online advertising industry, imperilling revenue for digital media publishers, adtech companies and brand advertisers. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), the digital ad industry’s voice and standards maker, responded by gathering 300 lawyers to shape a solution. Michael Hahn, the IAB’s general counsel, steered the effort that created an innovative industry-wide contract to help business continue while complying with CCPA. The Cybersecurity Law Report spoke with Hahn about bringing the industry together to craft the contract, its accountability mechanisms, the emergence of competing frameworks, juggling COVID‑19 and the CCPA, and redesigning digital identity tools with the death of the cookie. See “Consciously Coupling: Tackling the Juxtaposition Between Adtech and Privacy” (Feb. 19, 2020).

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