Are Companies Turning a Blind Eye to Their Lost Data on the Dark Web?

Cybersecurity practitioners who scan the dark web for threats against a client, or its stolen assets, also commonly spot data or assets belonging to non-client organizations and offer courtesy reports to those businesses. Kurtis Minder, CEO of digital risk management company GroupSense, and Joe Meadows, a shareholder at Bean, Kinney & Korman, told the Cybersecurity Law Report about how victim companies commonly ignore courtesy warnings of a data breach, and the need for a uniform clear channel for white-hat reports about breaches and lost corporate assets. They also provided insights into the changing threats found on the dark web, including decentralizing criminal marketplaces and a rise in insider trading on the dark web. See “Vulnerability Disclosure Policies:  A Cost-Effective Best Practice for Cybersecurity” (Sep. 25, 2019).

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