Best Practices for Using Alternative Data: Mitigating Regulatory Risks

The increasing use of alternative data by asset managers brings with it added privacy and cybersecurity risks. This second article in our two-part series covering a Hedge Fund Law Report webinar featuring Stacey M. Brandenburg, a shareholder at ZwillGen, Jeffrey D. Neuburger, a partner at Proskauer, and Adam J. Reback, a director at Optima Partners, addresses these risks and how to mitigate them. The first article contained the panelists'  insights on data gathering and managing third-party data providers, including due diligence and contract provision issues. See our three-part series on a fund manager’s road map to big data: “Its Acquisition and Proper Use” (Aug. 8, 2018); “MNPI, Web Scraping and Data Quality” (Aug. 15, 2018); and “Privacy Concerns, Third Parties and Drones” (Aug. 22, 2018).

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