Reconciling Technology Development, Security and the Lawyer’s Role

The breakneck pace of technological development, and the relatively slow pace of regulation, means that lawyers cannot ignore emerging cybersecurity risks that could crystallize into future legal disputes when new software products are brought to market. As Adam Cohen, counsel and managing director at Topside Group LLC, and Allison Brecher, general counsel and chief privacy officer at Vestwell, explain in a guest article, business lawyers need some general understanding of software development security and how approaches to testing software are evolving. They cannot allow the Sec in DevSecOps to be a “black box” that falls outside the dominion of legal scrutiny and compliance. See also “What Lawyers Need to Know About Security Techniques and Technologies to Mitigate Breach Risk (Part One)” (May 30, 2018); Part Two (Jun. 6, 2018); Part Three (Jun. 13, 2018).

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