The Growing Role of the Chief Data Officer: Compliance and Third Parties

In heading up a company’s data analytics operations, the chief data officer transforms data into business value and drives data-related business change. The specific duties that fall to the CDO will differ depending on the organization, but often include ensuring compliance and mitigating third-party risk. This final installment in our three-part series on the role includes insight from CDOs at Mastercard, Walmart, Goldman Sachs and the author of a book on CDOs. Part one provided an overview of the history and prevalence of the CDO, the common skill sets and priorities of the position, and how the CDO differs from and can collaborate with the CPO. Part two covered common reporting structures for the CDO team and obtaining the necessary budget. See also “How to Effectively Find, Compensate and Structure Cybersecurity Leadership (Part One of Two)” (Dec. 14, 2016); Part Two (Jan. 11, 2017).

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