There Really Isn’t a Quarterback: Uber and Equifax Executives Share Insights on Incident Response Best Practices and the Lawyer’s Role

As large multinational corporations that handle personal information, Uber and Equifax are no strangers to data breaches. At the recent Georgetown Cybersecurity Law Institute conference, Uber’s chief trust and security officer and Equifax’s chief privacy and data governance officer drew on their experiences to discuss best practices for incident response at large, multinational corporations, including the importance of identifying a “captain” – not necessarily from legal – to helm the response, the difficult art of escalating an incident to senior leadership, and how lawyers inadvertently end up hampering investigations. See “Lessons From the Equifax Breach on How to Bolster Incident Response Planning (Part One of Two)” (Sep. 27, 2017); Part Two (Oct. 11, 2017).

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