Measures for Resolving Business Disputes Over Data Privacy and Security

Data breach incidents often result in finger-pointing: Whose fault was it? Who should have discovered it sooner? Who will be paying for the cleanup of the problem? Should tensions escalate as businesses attempt to answer those very questions, a company may well be tempted to resolve the matter in court. But that may not be the best possible venue for complicated technical issues and sometimes conflicting legal requirements to be resolved. In a recent Practising Law Institute presentation, panelists discussed the delicate considerations associated with B2B data incident disputes, including unwanted publicity and undesirable precedents, the viability of alternative approaches to dispute resolution and how to avoid being caught up in a legal quagmire. The Cybersecurity Law Report shares pertinent insights from the experts. See also “How to Maximize a Cybersecurity Budget in a Time of Change” (Aug. 22, 2018), “How Small Businesses Can Maximize Cybersecurity Protections and Prioritize Their Spending” (Jul. 12, 2017) and “Managing Risk for the Internet of Things in the Current Regulatory Landscape” (May 11, 2016).

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