Designing and Implementing a Three-Step Cybersecurity Framework for Assessing and Vetting Third Parties (Part Two of Two)

Vendors and other third parties – necessary for most businesses – present significant cybersecurity risks and are frequently the source of breaches, from large-scale incidents to smaller data leaks.  Properly vetting these third parties is a challenging, but critical, aspect of cybersecurity programs.  This article series provides a three-step framework to appropriately allocate resources to due diligence and mitigate the risks third parties pose.  Part One provided a framework for companies to (1) categorize potential vendors based on risk levels, including specific questions to ask; and (2) conduct initial due diligence on vendors that present a medium or high level of risk.  Part Two addresses when the categorization of medium-risk vendors should move to high-risk based on red flags discovered during the initial due diligence and details step three of the framework: deeper due diligence for high-risk vendors, including follow-up questioning, documentation of audits or certifications and in-person diligence. 

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