Understanding and Addressing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities at Law Firms: Strategies for Vendors, Lawyers and Clients

Handling and discussing sensitive and confidential information is an essential aspect of law practice.  But, defending against cybersecurity threats attached to the increasing digital form of such information presents particular challenges to law firms and their service providers.  In a guest article, Jennifer Topper of Topper Consulting explores cybersecurity vulnerabilities at law firms that service providers often do not understand; structural and operational obstacles to addressing those vulnerabilities; and steps that law firms are taking, as client pressure increases, to address this critical issue.  In a subsequent issue of the Cybersecurity Law Report, Topper will provide a non-technical questionnaire corporate clients can use to help understand the data security at the law firms they use.  See also “How Can a Company Mitigate Cyber Risk with Cross-Departmental Decisionmaking?” (Apr. 8, 2015).

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