In a Candid Conversation, FBI Director James Comey Discusses Cooperation among Domestic and International Cybersecurity Law Enforcement Communities (Part Two of Two)

The FBI’s understanding of cybersecurity has advanced from the youth league to college-level in the past decade, FBI Director James Comey told WilmerHale partner Ben Powell at the annual Georgetown Cybersecurity Law Institute.  Much of that improvement has to do with growing cooperation between governments, and within our own, along with increased efforts by the private sector.  But, he said, the FBI needs to get to World Cup play.  This article, the second part of the CSLR’s two-part series, covers Comey’s frank comments about: the role of the FBI in relation to other law enforcement agencies; international cybersecurity developments; international cooperation in a post-Snowden world; pending information-sharing legislation in Congress; misperceptions about the FBI that he hears from the private sector; and how the FBI competes with the private sector for talent.  The first article discussed how the FBI has adapted its techniques in the face of cyber threats; the FBI’s relationship with local law enforcement agencies and the private sector; his concerns about the encryption of data; and how the FBI has expanded its information-sharing programs with the private sector. 

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