Coordinating Legal and Security Teams in the Current Cybersecurity Landscape (Part One of Two)

As cybersecurity concerns permeate every industry, it becomes increasingly urgent for lawyers across disciplines to understand the most pressing threats and shifting regulatory landscape; help shape and direct the responses; and be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with technical security efforts.  In this first article in our two-part coverage of a recent panel at PLI’s Sixteenth Annual Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law, Lisa J. Sotto, managing partner of Hunton & Williams’ New York office and chair of the firm’s global privacy and cybersecurity practice, discusses the current cyber threat landscape and the relevant laws and rules.  See “After a Cyber Breach, What Laws Are in Play and Who Is Enforcing Them?” (May 20, 2015).  The second part will detail her advice on preparing for and responding to a cyber incident and will include insight from her co-panelist Vincent Liu, a partner at security consulting firm Bishop Fox, on how security and legal teams can effectively work together throughout the process. 

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