What Companies Can Learn from Cybersecurity Resources in Pittsburgh

Cyber crime is a serious threat – it cripples companies, damages economies, funds terrorism, launders drug money and bleeds the assets of individuals, according to the DOJ.  Often this cyber war is waged from shadows overseas (and often in the form of corporate cyber espionage).  Companies should be using a broad array of tools to prevent and mitigate the effect of international and domestic cyber crime, such as information sharing, sufficient cyber insurance as well as a thorough breach response plan that includes proper notification and preservation of evidence for future actions.  As K&L Gates attorneys Mark A. Rush and Joseph A. Valenti describe in a guest article, one place where law enforcement and the private sector have come together is Pittsburgh, where a string of major cyber crime cases has recently been prosecuted.  Developments there can serve as a model for cybersecurity measures across the country and across industries.  Rush and Valenti describe cybersecurity best practices before, during and after a breach, as well as some unique ways government officials as well as companies in Pittsburgh specifically are handling cyber crime.  See also “After a Cyber Breach, What Laws Are in Play and Who Is Enforcing Them?” (May 20, 2015).

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