Cybersecurity and Whistleblowing Converge in a New Wave of SEC Activity

The SEC has long-prioritized incentivizing corporate whistleblowers to report violations of the securities laws, and protecting them when they do.  Increasingly, the federal agency also has vigorously enforced certain key aspects of cybersecurity, as its importance has permeated every facet of the way registered entities operate.  In a recent webinar, Orrick attorneys Mark Mermelstein, Jill Rosenberg and Renee Phillips examined how these two formerly disassociated areas of regulatory enforcement are converging in a new wave of SEC guidance and enforcement.  This article discusses the practitioners’ insights on the SEC’s recent initiatives and enforcement actions both in cybersecurity and whistleblowing contexts; the applicable regulations; and how companies can address and mitigate the risks of cybersecurity whistleblower actions.  See also “The SEC’s Updated Cybersecurity Guidance Urges Program Assessments” (May 6, 2015).

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