How the American Energy Industry Approaches Security and Emphasizes Information Sharing

The North American bulk power system, a large, complex machine consisting of thousands of generation plants and thousands of miles of transmission lines, has become a model for cybersecurity, according to Marcus Sachs, senior vice president and chief security officer of North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a not-for-profit regulatory authority. In this guest article, Sachs discusses how the industry has avoided loss-of-load events due to a cyber or physical attack on a power plant, and steps the industry is taking to address cyber threats, including its continued focus on information sharing, where it has been a leader for other sectors. Sachs will be a panelist at the Financial Times Cyber Security Summit on March 16, 2016 in Washington, D.C. See also “Energy Industry Demonstrates Public-Private Cybersecurity Coordination” (Oct. 14, 2015).

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