FCC Flexes Its Muscles With Proposed Broadband Privacy Rules and Verizon Settlement

Continuing its increased emphasis on online privacy, the FCC has proposed regulations for broadband ISP services, right on the heels of a $1.35 million settlement with Verizon Wireless tied to its use of unique identifier headers or “supercookies.” Verizon agreed to adopt a three-year compliance program in connection with its tracking of customers for targeted advertising purposes and failing to adequately notify them about it. Experts told the Cybersecurity Law Report that the consent decree seemed to pave the way for the proposed new privacy rules, which center around choice, security and transparency. We analyze the settlement, provide three key takeaways from it and explore the impact of the new proposed rules. See also “FCC Makes Its Mark on Cybersecurity Enforcement With Record Data Breach Settlement” (Apr. 22, 2015).

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