Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell Addresses the Challenges of Cross-Border Cooperation and Electronic Evidence Gathering

The emergence of new technologies that allow users to evade detection has expanded opportunities for criminals to victimize innocent people while avoiding identification and accountability. Combating these criminals, whose crimes often transcend borders, requires international cooperation. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell addressed how the U.S. is fighting cyber crime on the international stage, including how it is handling encryption technology, in a recent speech at the Cybercrime Symposium 2016, presented by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the DOJ Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. We highlight the key points of her speech. See also “In a Candid Conversation, FBI Director James Comey Discusses Cooperation Among Domestic and International Cybersecurity Law Enforcement Communities (Part Two of Two)” (Jun. 17, 2015).

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