Law Enforcement on Cybersecurity Matters: Corporate Friend or Foe? (Part Two of Two)

With a mission to identify the perpetrator and to build a prosecutable case, law enforcement can help a company facing a cybersecurity incident. Working with law enforcement, however, often presents challenges for the company and its counsel. Preparation prior to the interaction can offer a smoother road. This second article in our two-part series provides expert insight on interacting with law enforcement when there has been a breach, including advice regarding the first call, the controls companies should have in place and the type of information law enforcement really needs. Part one covered concerns that arise when dealing with law enforcement officials, benefits of coordination and recommendations for when and how to establish a successful relationship with them. See also “Google, CVS and the FBI Share Advice on Interacting With Law Enforcement After a Breach” (May 11, 2016).

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