Survey Reveals What Keeps Consumers Away From Connectivity and How to Address Their Concerns 

For companies that collect personal information, a breach may cause already wary consumers to choose other options for those products and services. The results of the KPMG Barometer Report illustrate these realities, and, focusing on the technology, retail, financial services and automotive industries, the Report suggests ways companies can improve cybersecurity preparedness. The Report also cites specific actions companies should take following an incident to raise consumer confidence and retain their customers. These actions are all the more important as consumers become “less forgiving. They have expectations that companies will take due care to provide robust security and privacy protections and are becoming more likely to vote with their wallet when those expectations are not met,” Greg Bell, the U.S. leader of KPMG Cyber, told the Cybersecurity Law Report. See also “How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Manage the First 48 Hours Post-Breach” (Jun. 22, 2016).

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