Learning How to Pick the Best Policy from Cyber Insurance Cases (Part Two of Two)

The cyber insurance market is maturing. As policy definitions and exclusions come under judicial scrutiny, insureds are learning how to negotiate policies, and insurers are developing new policies to fill in coverage gaps. This article, the second part of our series covering a Knowledge Group webinar, includes the speakers’ insight on the importance of representations on the insurance application and ADR clauses in policies; what companies need to know about coverage of physical damage from breaches; and how new cyber policies may change the market. The first article included the panelists’ discussion of the current cyber insurance market and the issue of publication under CGL policies, as well as their analysis of recent cases to extract the questions companies should be asking insurers about key policy definitions and exclusions. See also “Building a Strong Cyber Insurance Policy to Weather the Potential Storm” Part One (Nov. 25, 2015); Part Two (Dec. 9, 2015).

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