ISAO Organization Releases a Roadmap to Cyber Threat Information Sharing 

Sharing critical information regarding cyber threats is a valuable way to combat attacks, public and private sector entities agree. However, there are substantial obstacles to the growth of sharing platforms, including creating trust among the parties and planning the logistics of setting up a system. In an effort to help overcome these obstacles, encourage more sharing networks and ensure effective sharing across them, the Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations Standards Organization has released an initial voluntary set of guidelines. “Hackers typically target multiple companies, often in the same industries; companies or other entities with similar missions often have similar cyber risk profiles,” Jeremy Feigelson, a partner at Debevoise, told the Cybersecurity Law Report. “The more we know about the risks our peers face and the solutions they are employing, the safer we all are.” See “Using Information Sharing to Combat Cyber Crime While Protecting Privacy” (Sep. 7, 2016).

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