How to Protect Against Weaponized Devices in Light of the Massive Denial-of-Service Attack

Tweets, shopping, money transfers and entertainment were some of the countless internet activities stopped in their tracks by a recent massive attack on a domain name service provider. The hackers utilized ordinary household connected devices to carry out one of the largest denial-of-service attacks to date, shutting down more than a thousand sites such as Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and PayPal. While such attacks are not new and are typically quickly mitigated, this one was critically different in terms of its scale and its reliance on compromised connected devices, and presented “another type of attack that even state-of-the-art organizations in terms of data security have to contend with,” Ed McAndrew, a partner at Ballard Spahr, told the Cybersecurity Law Report. See “Tackling Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges While Fostering Innovation in the Internet of Things” (May 20, 2015).

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