Getting to Know the DPO and How to Adapt Corporate Structure to Comply With GDPR Requirements for the Role (Part Two of Two)

The GDPR introduces the statutory position of the Data Protection Officer, who will have a key role in ensuring compliance with the regulation. But where and how does the DPO position function within the company? In this second installment in our two-part article series on the role, DPOs and counsel from around the world discuss how the DPO best fits in the corporate structure, and offer considerations for determining whether the role should be fulfilled internally or externally and five steps companies can proactively take to ensure they are prepared to comply with the GDPR’s DPO requirements. Part one examined when appointing a DPO is mandatory, how to select a DPO, and the requisite skillsets and responsibilities of the role, including the difference between the DPO and other privacy compliance roles. See also “Navigating the Early Months of Privacy Shield Certification Amidst Uncertainty” (Nov. 2, 2016).

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