Advice From CPOs on Nurturing Privacy Programs on Any Budget

Mounting responsibilities combined with lean staffs, underfunding, and a reputation for restricting business ideas present challenges to privacy officers. The demands of the job coupled with the realities of the workplace have inspired some of them to develop creative approaches to what remains a fundamental and seemingly universal challenge for businesses large and small: safeguarding personal information successfully at a doable cost. “We all scratch our heads on the same kinds of questions and have tried different experiments on how to be more effective in our programs,” observed Lauren Steinfeld, CPO of Penn Medicine, during a recent IAPP Global Summit panel. She was joined by the CPOs of Comcast and PepsiCo as well as the SVP, data management at MasterCard. We cover their advice on ways to maximize benefits of privacy programs while working with limited resources. See also “Advice From Compliance Officers on Getting the C-Suite to Show You the Money for Your Data Privacy Program” (Dec. 14, 2016).

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