Survey Finds Cybersecurity Preparedness of Alternative Asset Managers to be Inadequate Relative to Traditional Asset Managers and Broker-Dealers

Alternative asset managers may have some catching up to do with their compliance and cybersecurity programs. In its 2017 C-Suite Survey, Cipperman Compliance Services asked financial services executives about the role of their firms’ chief compliance officers; attitudes toward compliance; and the sophistication of their firms’ compliance programs and cybersecurity preparedness. Based upon the responses of executives from alternative asset managers, the survey suggests that their compliance programs are less likely to withstand SEC scrutiny and their firms are less prepared on cybersecurity matters, relative to traditional asset manager and broker-dealer participants. This article analyzes CCS’ findings with insights from CCS president Rob Prucnal. See also “Surveys Show Cyber Risk Remains High for Financial Services Despite Preventative Steps” (Jun. 28, 2017); and “SEC Report Cites Cybersecurity Progress Along With Gaps in Training and Compliance” (Aug. 23, 2017).

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