Understanding and Using Bot Technology to Address Privacy and Security Challenges 

With the growing use of conversational software, or bots, on platforms to make products more personalized and efficient – bots allow us to order food and hear the weather forecast when we ask, for example – comes increasingly complex privacy and security challenges. At a recent panel at the Privacy + Security Forum, panelists discussed how bots work, using traditional approaches to address the novel problems they pose and how they can help solve the challenges that the technology presents in ensuring notice and consent. For another discussion of the tension between new technology and privacy, see our three-part series on blockchain technology: “Basics of the Blockchain Technology and How the Financial Sector Is Currently Employing It” (Jun. 14, 2017); “How Financial Service Providers Can Use Blockchain to Improve Operations and Compliance” (Jun. 28, 2017); and “Blockchain and the Financial Services Industry: Potential Impediments to Its Eventual Adoption” (Jul. 12, 2017).

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