How Blockchain Will Continue to Revolutionize the Private Funds Sector in 2018

Although blockchain trading has generated some skepticism and regulatory criticism, bitcoin traded at record highs in 2017 and looks poised to climb even higher in 2018. Karl Cole-Frieman, a founding partner of boutique law firm Cole-Frieman & Mallon and an expert on the evolving blockchain and bitcoin markets, spoke to the Cybersecurity Law Report about the issues surrounding blockchain trading and how to best approach to the new technologies in the months to come. See also our three-part series on blockchain technology: “Basics of the Blockchain Technology and How the Financial Sector Is Currently Employing It” (Jun. 14, 2017); “How Financial Service Providers Can Use Blockchain to Improve Operations and Compliance” (Jun. 28, 2017); and “Blockchain and the Financial Services Industry: Potential Impediments to Its Eventual Adoption” (Jul. 12, 2017).

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