EY Global Data Analytics Survey Finds Lack of GDPR Preparedness and Need for Cross-Functional Collaboration

Despite an increasing number of technical and automated tools, organizations continue to be challenged by the large volume of data collected from disparate sources. GDPR compliance is only highlighting the need to understand, map and protect all that data. Shockingly, two-thirds of respondents in the 2018 EY Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey are either not familiar with GDPR, have heard of it but taken no action, or are studying it. Certainly, “one surprise from the survey was the general lack of readiness as it relates to data privacy and GDPR,” Todd Marlin, a principal at Ernst & Young, told the Cybersecurity Law Report. The article takes a closer look at the survey results and what companies might do to improve their operational approach and their use of forensic data analytics while meeting the requirements of GDPR and other privacy and security regulations. See also “Five Months Until GDPR Enforcement: Addressing Tricky Questions and Answers” (Dec. 20, 2017).

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