Examining the Cyber Threat Landscape Dominated by Stealth Attacks

Cloud intrusions and identity-based attacks increased significantly in 2023, according to CrowdStrike’s latest Global Threat Report (Report). Drawing from CrowdStrike’s tracking of 232 known threat actors, the Report examines bad actors’ growing use of misappropriated access credentials to operate undetected in systems, and how attackers are increasingly exploiting cloud platforms. The Report also explored the impact of AI and significant sources of cyber vulnerability. With commentary from Adam Meyers, head of CrowdStrike’s counter adversary operations, this article discusses the Report’s key takeaways, including four areas in which companies can take steps to protect themselves and predictions for the next year. See “Cloud Attacks and Six Other Cybersecurity Dangers for 2023 and 2024” (Apr. 26, 2023).

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