Tracking Technologies: A Deep Dive on What They Are and How They Work

While website tracking technologies can provide value to organizations, including product optimization, generating leads, understanding growth metrics and targeting ads, their use carries significant litigation and regulatory risks. Understanding the forms and methods of online tracking is the first step to managing these risks. In this second installment of a four-part guest article series, Boltive’s Dan Frechtling and Slalom Consulting’s Matt Pollard take a deep dive into the types of digital data collection tools, how and why they are used, how they get added to websites and work across sites, and how marketers are navigating Google’s third-party cookie deprecation. In part one, Proskauer attorneys explored the current and future legal landscape around online tracking and examined use risks. Part three will offer a practical governance roadmap for managing digital tracking, and part four will focus on compliance challenges and solutions, including those specific to the advertising industry. See “IAB Unveils Multistate Contract to Satisfy 2023 Laws’ Curbs on Targeted Ads” (Feb. 22, 2023).

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