Why Companies Unintentionally Fail to Honor Opt-Outs

A new two-year study revealed that, following an individual’s request to avoid tracking or data sharing, 60 percent of cookies still transmit that person’s data to third parties. The Cybersecurity Law Report spoke with Dan Frechtling, the CEO of Boltive, the organization that conducted the study along with Consumer Reports, to identify key technical pitfalls that spoil companies’ best intentions to comply with opt-outs and privacy laws. This article covers the study results and blind spots, engineering errors, and lack of monitoring that leads to failures to honor opt-outs. It also includes Frechtling’s suggestions for steps that companies can take to limit these failures. See our two-part series on selecting the latest technology solutions for managing privacy: “Four Preparatory Steps” (Aug. 2, 2023) and “How to Kick the Tires and Decide” (Aug. 9, 2023).

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