Managing Compliance Scope Creep

Does compliance validate parking? That may not be such a strange question, since compliance often seems to be tasked with just about everything else, compliance officers said at this fall’s SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute. Scope creep that is not controlled is not good for the organization or for individual compliance officers, who often do not get more resources to handle the new tasks, Adam Balfour, vice president and general counsel, corporate compliance and Latin America at Bridgestone America, observed. He, along with Ellen Hunt, then of LifePoint Health, and now at Spark Compliance Consulting, and Melanie Sponholz of WCP Healthcare at Waud Capital Partners, offered strategies for evaluating new tasks and opportunities, and for graciously turning down the wrong ones. See our three-part series on the First 100 Days as GC/CCO: “Preparing for the Role and Setting the Tone” (Apr. 14, 2021); and “Developing Knowledge and Forging Key Relationships” (Apr. 21, 2021).

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