Lessons From HPE’s Anti-Corruption Purchase Order Analytics on the Role for Humans in Data Interpretation

Regulatory corporate compliance guidance emphasizes that companies should gather data that can be mined to identify compliance issues and used to improve their compliance programs. Some companies, particularly those with smaller compliance programs and limited resources, may find the process intimidating but, in this guest article published in our sister publication the Anti-Corruption Report, Becky Rohr, the vice president of anti‑corruption and global trade at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explains that a combination of underlying data, smart algorithms and experienced people can take a company far. She details how she and her team have implemented their anti-corruption data analytics program and lessons they have learned from its first year of operation, including the important role that human insight continues to play. See “Four Principles Underlying Microsoft’s Compliance Analytics Program” (Sep. 16, 2020).

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