Using a Risk Assessment as a Critical Component of a Robust Cybersecurity Program (Part Two of Two)

The core value of a risk assessment as a critical component of a robust cybersecurity program is in its findings and recommendations. With perspectives and advice from various experts, including the CISO of a large global cloud services provider, attorneys and technical consultants, this second part in our two-part series on risk assessments details what the written report should include, with whom it should be shared and how companies can use it to strengthen their cybersecurity program. It also provides recommended actions for assessment follow-up, explores common challenges to the process and offers tips and solutions to overcome them. Part one covered the scope and purpose of the assessment, the roles of internal stakeholders and third parties, and examined what the risk assessment evaluation process entails. See also “How In-House Counsel, Management and the Board Can Collaborate to Manage Cyber Risks and Liability (Part One of Two)” (Jan. 20, 2016); Part Two (Feb. 3, 2016).

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