FTC Launches Stick With Security Series, Adding Detail and Guidance to Its Start With Security Guide (Part Two of Two)

Companies continue to seek more detailed guidance on data-security expectations from regulators such as the FTC. As a follow-up to its 2015 Start With Security Guide, which contained 10 fundamentals, the FTC launched its Stick With Security blog series. It builds on those 10 principles using hypotheticals to take “a deeper dive” into proactive data-protection steps. The first article in our two-part series examined the blog posts analyzing the first five principles of Start With, and this second article continues with the remaining five. The “examples in the posts help companies with line drawing and balancing risk,” Kelley Drye partner Dana Rosenfeld told the Cybersecurity Law Report. See “FTC Priorities for 2017 and Beyond” (Jan. 11, 2017); and “A Behind-the-Curtains View of FTC Security and Privacy Expectations” (Mar. 16, 2016).  

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